About Me

Hi guys, I’m Matthew, and welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll connect with something here to spark your interest and leave you with a smile. Describing myself in very few words is complicated and bound to lead folks astray. I’ve never been a fan of labels; therefore, I’ll concentrate instead on describing why I started this blog and what you will notice on its pages.

Why start a blog now?

Several years in the past, I noticed I’d gotten into a rut. I lost sight of the activities that gave me the maximum pleasure and helped me relax. Once living in Australia’s rural, outback, and coastal areas, I found urban living more difficult. To remedy this, I commenced exploring the southeast region of the Australian state.

Wherever likely, I even have adventures more abroad. Typically, I like camping solo. Other times I manage to bribe long-time friends and relatives to share my experiences. I appreciate the humor, inspiration, and friendship provided by these people who love reading my blogs. Most of them I’ve never met, however, usually count as friends.

Who am I?

Well, I’ve already told you guys my name. Now let’s get into some more details. I’m a camping enthusiast and a nature lover who is not afraid to spend his free time sleeping in tents somewhere outdoors. My hobby is also hiking, and I enjoy spending time with my family on camping trips. That’s why I want to help offer suggestions to anyone looking for the proper camping or hiking trip.

What kind of a blog is this?

I’ve created this blog as an associate degree avenue to share the easy joys I receive from hiking. I gain an excellent deal of enjoyment from nature and wish to share this passion with others. Be warned, though. I like reading, art, history, science, cycling. Some social justice problems smite me. Therefore, I’ll sneak in a significantly few random posts concerning topics apart from walking in all probability.

I’m also very passionate about writing my own blog, where I’ll get to review a bunch of camping and hiking products. I’ll test them, review them, give opinions, compare and suggest the best options out there.

What are my plans?

In my “normal” life, l live quietly and have specific responsibilities. Usually, I’m a passionate planner. However, sometimes spontaneousness and risky adventures are better documented. They’ve provided me with a number of my best reminiscences.

My outdoor adventures, while a lot of fun, do have me lost in my purpose. Having my stories out there for other campers or hikers to read not only makes me feel heard but also guides me to the right places. Like everyone says, it’s not the destination but the journey you take that matters. Some may think this to be a bad idea. But I’m willing to take the risk as long as I have my readers along the way.

What you’ll find on my blogsite

Have you ever been in a sad state of affairs where your equipment, gear, or covers hold you back during your hiking or camping trips? The strap on your bags or backpack rip apart, the tent you ordered isn’t totally waterproof, or your new hiking boot has developed a hole within the sole?

It sucks, doesn’t it? Particularly if you’ve been looking forward to that vacation or journey for weeks. In my blog, I’m dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen by providing reviews of solely the highest-rated products that won’t allow you to be left behind within the field.

Hiking equipment

After hiking for many years, I developed a passion for hiking gear. Some may say it’s an addiction. Long have I believed that our worldly wanderings would be immensely improved with the proper attire and instrumentation to accompany us on our journey. And so, I became dedicated to searching for exactly what they were.

You’ll notice a product section for products at the forefront of making life more accessible in the travel equipment section. This is notable for all folks who yearn to travel. Hopefully, you’ll discover some essentials you’ll never travel without. Luggage, carry-ons, backpacks, gizmos, and gadgets– anything which will facilitate you to your destination safely and securely (while making the journey as fun as possible).

Camping equipment

Camping isn’t just about whisking yourself off to exotic beaches, crossing borders, or exploring dynamic foreign cities. It is perhaps the foremost fun anyone will ever have outdoors. However, just like traveling – you would like the proper gear to get pleasure from it. So, as an addition to my blog, you’ll notice various of the most effective habitation gear guides.

You’ll be able to find a variety of options. These include tents for all conditions, sleeping baggage for all seasons, stoves, transportable tables, bug repellants, and coolers. You’ll also find survival instrumentation and the latest gadgets to help you move from place to place.

Stories and experiences

The blog doesn’t concern just quality products either. It’s packed with tips, tricks, and recommendations on exploring the globe in the most efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly way. You also get more hiking and camping-related content at your fingertips. You’ll additionally notice a set of standard articles from myself and some other traveling friends.

You’ll get everything, from tall tales to destination guides, photography tit-bits, to help you figure out where to start your travels. It’s explosive with details for anyone who has ever wished to run away to an exotic location.

What makes me stand out?

I mean, I get it. I’m not an innovative genius here. But let me tell you something. Those blogs you find online? There are tons of travel blogs and product reviews out there. A lot of the time, they’re written by people who’ve barely traveled, if at all!

Don’t get me wrong; their information is still pretty accurate. But it’s all research-based. Not experience. What I provide is more fun, informative and experienced information. Not just about different equipment, but also hiking and camping stories and adventures. This will be the best way for you to learn from my mistakes and plan better vacation spots and preparations.

So, thanks for going through my wordy “about” section. Be happy to drop me a line through the contact page if you’ve got questions about the blog.