Everyone who has ruined yet another pot not meant for open fires when camping would admit that while the market is filled with hundreds of cookware products, they aren’t all designed to be used on an open fire. 

With the right best camping cookware for open fire, you can prepare sumptuous campsite meals during your camping trips without any worries or fear.

This article shall review five of the very best camping cookware for open fire, making your choice infinitely easier and quicker. You can make a decision based on your specific camping needs.

Let’s get started!

Best 4 Camping Cookware For Open Fire 2023

Lixada Camping Titanium Cookware Set

The Lixada Camping Cookware set is made of titanium and perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. These open fire cooking pots are compact, durable, and amazingly lightweight when compared to other alternatives. This titanium cookware set is easy to clean, compact, and excellent for cooking your meals as it retains heat amazingly well, similar to the more heavy stainless steel variants. 

There is a handle on the larger pot for holding it like a cup letting you conveniently hang it over a campfire for cooking. It can also be hung from a tripod to manage the heat better. Its unique round edges give it improved heating efficiency, and there is a secure lid that eliminated heat loss. The fact that it weighs just 224 grams and features collapsible handles makes packing, storage, and usage a breeze. There is also a movable bar on the spork that makes locking the handle open possible.

The Lixada Camping cookware set tops the list of campfire pots and pans and can be used to prepare whatever you desire, easily ranging from hot chocolate to a spicy soup or a steamy vegetable soup. This titanium camping cookware set comes with a camping bowl, pot, and a useful loofah cleaning sponge. You wouldn’t find yourself scrubbing to get the dirt out of this cleaning set as it is non-stick and therefore impressively easy to clean. It can be used with the twig burner stove and is corrosion-resistant, built to last for years without impacting the odor or taste of the meal being prepared. 


  • Versatile use as a cup and for cooking
  • Very lightweight
  • Compact size


  • Pot size is small
  • Expensive
  • The bowl and pot do not nest
  • Rubber handles might melt as they are set too close to the flames. It can easily be resolved by detaching the handles when cooking over huge flames.


For campers and backpackers who travel a great distance on food and want to minimize weight, the Lixada Titanium cookware in its carrying bag weighs just 0.8lbs and is the perfect choice for use. It is lighter than all other materials, conducts heat well, is corrosion-resistant, and provides users with a seamless cooking experience. The only drawback is that the pots can be damaged from excessive heat, so care must be taken to manage the fire better if you want to get the most years out of your cookware set. Overall, the Lixada Titanium cookware set is an amazing camping cookware set and earns a place on this list of best campfire cookware.

Primus Stainless Steel Campfire Cookset

This Campfire Cookset is an impressive basic set of pans and pots for backpacking campers who cook over an open fire. This is because it is made with stainless steel, which is remarkably lightweight compared to other alternatives. It also handles the heat from an open flame impressively. It comes with a kit that features two saucepans (1.8L and 1.0L), a 21cm frying pan, a storage bag, and two lids with colanders that stacks conveniently and make for easy packing. The handles on the frying pan and saucepans are thermally insulated and heat-resistant to prevent accidentally burning your hands when a mitten isn’t available. 

But that’s not all!

Your meals would be ready at record time as the Primus stainless steel cookware features an aluminum-clad bottom that conducts heat quickly and evenly. All pieces of the cookware set boast non-stick Teflon coatings that ensure the kits are easy to clean and last for an impressive length of time. In addition to being insulated, the handles of the cook sets feature an innovative anti-slip design that gives you a firm and comfortable grip ensuring you never accidentally drop a meal. 

The Primus Camping Cookset has become a favorite amongst campers, backpackers, and people going on a picnic as it is durable, lightweight, high-quality, and versatile. This kit is made with easy-to-clean corrosion-resistant stainless steel that would withstand the test of time.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cooking performance


  • Expensive
  • It can be quite hard to clean when the non-stick coating wears off


The Primus Stainless Steel Campfire Cookset is a great cookware set for people who desire something compact and lightweight but durable and long-lasting. It stands up to the heat of an open fire admirably and cooks evenly. This camping cookware set comes highly recommended.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker

The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker is a vital piece of camping cookware for everyone who cooks over an open fire frequently. Renowned for its design, versatility, and durability, this open fire cooking pots can be used as a deep skillet, a fryer, or as a dutch oven. This cast iron cooker will perfectly handle any cooking task regardless of the meal you prepare over the open fire.

The Lodge 3 Cast Iron Combo is made in the United States and features a smooth easy-release finish that ensures durability and even heating. Another great feature is the fact that the lid included doubles as a shallow skillet or a griddle as this lets you simultaneously prepare various meals. This combo perfectly handles all cooking needs, whether you need to roast, fry, bake, simmer, braise, sear or sauté.

The pot and skillet are pre-seasoned; as you use them, the seasoning accumulates, and they get easier to clean. This is better than non-stick pots that wear and lose their non-stick coating after a while and get very difficult to clean; the reverse is the case with the Lodge 3 Cast Iron pots. It is also very durable and will last a literal lifetime if it is properly handled.

What about the pros?


  • Oven safe
  • Highly Durable
  • Comes foundry seasoned and ready to use
  • Perfect for all cooking surfaces, campfires, grills, etc.
  • Perfect for a wide range of uses bake, fry, sear, and sauté


  • Expensive
  • Especially heavy as cast iron weighs a lot


Nothing beats cast iron when it comes to cooking over an open fire, as they have a lot of mass and heat retention. They hold up to the intense fire from an open flame impressively well and have been known to last far beyond the 30-year mark even with regular usage. A good cast iron pot and skillet can be used on an open fire to cook almost anything. Lodge was founded in 1896 and has built up a reputation as a trusted and reliable producer of cast iron cookware.

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven

When it comes to the best camping cookware for open fire, the Overmont Camp dutch oven has distinguished itself as a top choice and is a favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Perfect for scouts, campers, and backpackers with a budget, the Overmont dutch oven is amongst the top choices for camping cookware for use over an open fire. It is versatile, durable, and uniquely designed with high-quality, durable materials to give campers an impeccably amazing cooking experience.

The Overmont Dutch Oven is made with cast iron and can withstand any amount of heavy usage, which is amazing and particularly important when you’re camping in the wild. It is also corrosion-resistant, ensuring that your cook set will retain its beautiful shine many years after it was purchased. Cook with a camp stove or an open fire without worrying about the excessive heat melting parts of your cookware.

Here’s something really unique.

You can use the pot lid as a skillet for frying and whipping up all kinds of dishes as both the pots and lids features integral legs that let them perfectly sit over the campfire. It is compact, making it perfect for camping trips requiring walking for short distances to be efficiently packed and carried.

Renowned as a lifetime pot, the Overmont dutch oven is made with high-quality cast iron, and if properly maintained, will serve even the most ardent camper for decades. Cleaning it requires scrubbing with sand or a steel wool sponge as it doesn’t feature a non-stick coating. Its unique design ensures heat is evenly distributed, making it perfect for baking, searing and deep frying. Its longevity ensures that you will be served for years with this marvelous piece of camping cookware.


  • Amazing versatility
  • A lid that doubles as a skillet
  • Astounding durability that is synonymous with cast iron


  • Very Costly
  • High weight
  • Not non-stick cookware


A deal-breaker for Dutch Ovens is their versatility. They can be used for various functions; this single fact has made them a staple of open fire cooking for hundreds of years and counting. They can be used to roast chickens, cook stews, and the Overmont Dutch oven comes with a lid that doubles as a skillet; this doubles its usage list and makes it even more useful. Also included are a lid lifter, a carrying handle, and legs on the ovens that ensure they sit properly on the campfire or any other heat source, assuring increased safety. This dutch oven cookware set is a great accessory that will greatly improve your camping cooking experience.

For more information, check out the best camping cookware for open fire.

That’s not all! How about a guide that makes deciding easy?

Buying Guide For Camping Cookware For Open Fire

The process of selecting camping cookware for an open fire can be quite challenging; however, your decision can be made easier with a better understanding of all the choices, terms, and options available in the market. The decision on which cookware set to buy becomes easier when armed with the knowledge of their properties, materials, and benefits, as you can better select one that fits your specific camping needs. This chapter is a buying guide that details all you have to consider when looking to purchase camping cookware set for open fires. 


This is the number one thing to consider as cooking over an open fire demands cookware that is solidly constructed with high-quality materials able to withstand extreme heat. While you might be tempted to buy the cookware made from the heaviest metal, various properties must be considered. We shall discuss the pros and cons of the most popular metals used to construct cookware set for open fires to help make your choice easier. 

We shall be considering titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Cast Iron

This is the leading choice for open fire cooking as nothing comes near it in durability and usability. Cast iron cook sets have been passed over from parents to their children and then their grandchildren. It is heavy, dense, radiates heat amazingly, and has excellent thermal properties. It gets easier to clean with time as the seasoning builds up with use rather than a non-stick coating that wears off after a while and then gets harder to clean. The only drawback of cast iron and the reason why all camping cookware set isn’t made with cast iron is the weight. It can be a real challenge when backpacking, hiking, or going on camping trips that require long-distance walks.

Stainless Steel

Another good choice for an open fire camping cookware set is stainless steel. It is high density, just like cast iron, more durable than aluminum and lighter than steel. Its thermal properties still make it great for cooking your favorite dishes. You do not have to worry about scratching your stainless steel cook sets as they are highly scratch-resistant, meaning all your coatings will last for an amazingly lengthy period. The drawback with stainless steel is that it can be difficult to clean as there is no coating or seasoning to keep things from sticking. 


Aluminum is another option for constructing camping cookware. A variety of non-stick coatings are used in their constructions which all boast unique properties such as Teflon and anodized coatings.  

While the choice of coating is your choice, you should be careful of getting Teflon and other coatings that contain BPA for health reasons. If you decide to go with anodized aluminum cookware, ensure that you follow the accompanying instructions so the coating doesn’t get damaged. This is a great choice for backpackers as it is lightweight yet heats up quicker than stainless steel or cast iron.


Titanium weighs the least but is also the most expensive material on our list of best campfire cookware. It is the best choice for backpackers and campers who desire the lightest cookware possible. Titanium heats and cools off quickly because it is a light metal and has thermal properties similar to aluminum. However, care should be taken with how hot you make the first as it can be damaged by excessive heat. Overall, titanium makes great camping cookware if you take care not to overheat it.


The next thing to consider when in the market for an open fire camping cookware is its weight. While the weight wouldn’t concern people who go RV camping or camp near their vehicles, people who have to trek some distance to their camping site must consider weight when deciding on which camping cookware to purchase. The heaviest is cast iron, followed by stainless steel, then aluminum, while titanium comes last on this list of campfire pots and pans. If you are an RV camper, cast iron is the perfect choice for you, while if you are backpacking and need to walk a long distance with your cookware, you should consider other lighter options.


As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Most cheap cookwares do not have a non-stick coating or come with a coating that easily wears off. They are also made using lower-grade materials that will rust after a few weeks of use, especially with an open fire. You should be ready to spend on quality camping cookware to serve you better and last longer.

What do you want to cook?

Each cookware design has its specific use and application. You should decide on one based on the kind of meals you will be preparing. If hotdogs are your favored meal, a stick design will serve you suitably, while a dutch oven is the best for baking and stews. Burgers and steaks are better prepared with a skillet. Before you decide on the cookware to purchase, consider what meals you will be cooking when camping.

Easy to clean

Camping should be fun, and no one wants to spend the entire day scrubbing pans and pots after cooking. Get a well-seasoned cast iron pot or one with a good non-stick coating. You should avoid cookwares without any coating, especially stainless steel pots, as you would require a strong iron sponge and lots of hot water to scrub off the dirt after each meal.

Non-stick coatings

Concerning non-stick coatings, it is advisable to avoid pots that use BPA or Teflon coating as both substances can be quite toxic. Additionally, Teflon scratches really quickly and losses its non-stick property in no time, leaving you with cookware that requires intense scrubbing to clean. Anodized aluminum is a great choice as it has non-stick values, is BPA-free, and doesn’t use Teflon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stainless steel suitable for use with an open fire?

While you can put your stainless steel pot directly on an open fire, it is a safe practice to use a tripod or grate to keep it from being directly on the flame. This helps it last longer.

What pot can be used on a campfire?

Cast iron is the best pot for a comprises as it handles high temperatures admirably well and is very durable. It has excellent thermal properties due to its high density and evenly radiates heat into your meal. It is good always to take cast iron pots when you are cooking over an open fire unless it weighs matters.

What do the professionals use?

Most expert chefs prefer high carbon steel, copper, or cast iron cookware. These are easy to clean and boast great thermal properties. Chefs are mindful of cookware since they are not durable and wear off rather quickly. There is also the matter of the harmful fumes they emit when cooking.

Is Teflon dangerous?

Teflon is still dangerous because it gives off harmful fumes that can give you Teflon flu when exposed to high heat. Cooking with Teflon pots and pans can kill your pet birds if you are a bird owner.


Camping is an enjoyable experience. You get to spend time in the wondrous beauty of nature. Selecting the wrong camping cookware can draw the fun out of this beautiful experience, and so care should be taken to choose the best camping cookware for open fire to enhance the camping experience further. You do not have to spend too much to buy camping cookware; however, remember that buying quality cookware will benefit you in the long run. Consider your unique camping needs and buy cookware that seamlessly fits those needs.