Choosing the ideal camping bed for two can be tasking as you have to go through a long list of products. You also have to consider the benefits, drawbacks, reviews, etc., of each product you check out.

Luckily for you, we have gone through the entire process and have come up with nine different top-rated 2 person camping pad. We also provide you with their pros, cons, and takeaway, among others.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about the best camping mattress for couples.

Top 9 Camping Mattresses for Couples

LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Mattress is a very convenient and comfortable mattress you can use on your camping trips. And it comes highly recommended, especially if either – or both – of you have a bad back.

When laid flat, this intriguing mattress measures 24 x 72 x 2⅜ inches, thus providing ample space that ensures you and your partner stay comfortable always. When rolled up, it measures 13 x 12 x 24 inches, which is also incredible considering you have to store and transport it.

The LaidBackPad Memory Foam is constructed from high-quality low-VOC memory foam, thus making it almost impossible to pop or leak. It also ensures that it won’t deflate like other inflatable camping pads.

Interestingly, there’s more.

To ensure your and your partner’s comfort, the mattress is more than two inches thick, and it has a soft polar fleece cover. It also uses a cool flow technology that ensures your body temperature is constantly balanced.

The best part about this camping mattress is that:

You can use it anywhere. Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are indoors or outdoors. You can pack it for use in your tents, day backpacking, and RV camping, among others. Also, it features connectors that enable you to add as many other mattresses as you like to create a bigger camping mattress.


  • The LaidBackPad Memory Foam features thick padding, which makes it very comfortable
  • It is highly durable, machine washable, and water-resistant
  • It does not require the long, arduous inflating process
  • It cannot leak, pop, or deflate
  • It can connect multiple mattresses


  • It weighs a lot at 8.5 pounds


The LaidBackPad Memory Foam is an excellent choice for your camping mattress as it ensures you and your partner have a great time. It provides a ton of benefits ranging from incredible comfortability to awesome cool flow technology that properly balances your body temperature. Unfortunately, it weighs a lot, making it less appealing for those who have to transport camping tools across a significant distance.

Willpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

Willpo is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of various outdoor gear, including camping mattresses. Willpo Centipur-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress is one such gear, and it focuses on ensuring its users are comfortable.

But first, what are some of the materials used in constructing this camping mattress?

Willpo sleeping foam pad is constructed using memory foam that not only ensures you are comfortable but is also easy to roll and pack.

What’s more?

You can easily store your Willpo Century-US memory foam as it comes with a built-in roll assistor and roll-up straps along with compression buckles. These features ensure that storing your pad is not only easy but also quick and compact.

To ensure that you optimally enjoy your camping experience, this foam pad is designed with a damp-proof bottom sheet. This makes sure that the pad remains dry, thus ensuring that you have a fitful sleep every time.

Keep in mind that this mattress’s twin size measures 75 x 30 x 2¾ inches when laid flat. However, when it is rolled up, the size is reduced to 30.5 x 15 inches.


  • The Willpo Centipur memory foam pad uses two foam layers to provide excellent support and enhance comfortability
  • It features a removable and waterproof cover
  • It also features a built-in roll assistor and roll-up straps along with compression buckles
  • It can double as a floor mattress, an extra comfortable “bed” for your guest and kids


  • At a weight of about 10 pounds, Willpo Centipur is bulky and heavy


The Willpo Centipur-US memory foam camping mattress is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best camping mattress for couples. It features a durable and waterproof foam pad that ensures you have an enjoyable camping experience and quality sleep. It also comes with a built-in roll assistor and straps and compression buckles that make it easy to roll and pack.

WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

The Wellax Ultrathick Flexfoam sleeping pad is an excellent option for couples who intend to go camping, regardless of the site’s terrain. It is also a great fit for your back irrespective of your preferred resting position. This is because it helps to alleviate back pain or discomfort when you sleep.

This sleeping pad provides its users with plush thickness, great size, and enhanced warmth at three inches thick. It is an excellent fit for people who require the most support and move a lot during sleep. It is also ideal for couples who plan to camp in cold weather.

Furthermore, the Wellax Ultrathick flex-foam is constructed from a laminated 20D rip-stop nylon and a TPU layer that is both waterproof and abrasion/tear-resistant. These materials ensure to provide a good balance between a durable and a lighter weight foam pad.

Another important detail you should note is that the pad has a 9.6 R-Value. That is, it has a thermal resistance of 9.6. This means that the camping pad can keep you warm on cold nights. It also has an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio along with a durable bottom layer of fabric that makes it a great camping pad.

When laid flat, the Wellax Ultrathick flex-foam measures 77 x 28 x 3 inches. And when it is compressed, it measures 27 x 8 inches.


  • The Wellax Ultrathick flex-foam has thick padding of three inches
  • It uses an automatic inflating and deflating technology
  • It has a high thermal resistance value
  • It is constructed using a laminated 20D rip-stop nylon and a TPU layer that enhances its durability


  • With its high insulation rate, the mattress can get hot during summer


The Wellax Ultrathick Flexfoam sleeping pad is a great choice for camping mattresses as it provides you with immense comfort and durability. Its construction materials are primed to provide you with extra convenience and durability without causing any form of ache or discomfort. Its high resistance value ensures that you don’t get cold when camping in cold weather, although it can get too hot during summer.

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

If you search for a top-quality couple camping mattress that offers excellent value for your money, then the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress Queen Twin Airbed Is a great choice.

Immediately you purchase this product, you get a two-year warranty, with the first year automatically starting at your purchase’s exact time. Subsequently, you get the second-year warranty when you register your mattress with Etekcity, the manufacturer.

Besides, this camping mattress’s inner support structure is constructed with wave beam structures that are very durable and stable. It ensures that the mattress can support up to 650 pounds of weight, which is quite ideal for couples. It also uses materials that are confirmed to be free of cadmium, lead, and phthalates.

Bear in mind that this mattress does not self-inflate. However, it can reach full inflation with a pump in less than five minutes. Fortunately, you get a wireless rechargeable pump with AC/DC adapters on purchase.

Moreover, it features a 2-in-1 valve: an inner and an outer valve. Where the inner valve is used to achieve quick inflation, the outer one is used to top off the inflated mattress. It achieves this by slowly increasing the air content in the mattress to enable you to achieve your desired firmness.


Ensure that the two valves are sealed as soon as you complete inflation.

When fully inflated, the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress Queen Twin Airbed measures 80 x 60 x 9 inches. However, when deflated, it measures 13 x 7 x 15 inches.


  • This double camping mattress features a 2-in-1 valve that allows for quick inflation and enhanced firmness
  • It also features wave beam inner support structures that are highly durable and stable
  • It comes with a rechargeable pump, AC/DC adapters, and storage bag, among others
  • It uses a flocked top that introduces a soft, extra layer of warmth


  • It may be too big for certain camping situations


The Etekcity Camping Air Mattress Queen Twin Airbed is an excellent choice of camping mattress for couples. It offers plenty of features, including a 2-in-1 valve, a wave beam inner support structure, rechargeable pump, among others. The mattress’s design and construction ensure that it will last a long time, even when it holds large weights.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

With the Intex Classic Downy Airbed, you don’t need to spend a huge sum of money to purchase camping mattresses for you and your partner. This is because this mattress is available at a very affordable price.

Also, it features plush flocking on the top, which enhances its softness and prevents the bedding from sliding off the mattress. The plush flocked top, which is constructed from durable heavy gauge vinyl, is very easy to clean and also waterproof. In all, the Intex Classic Downy Airbed is constructed with a 15-gauge side and bottom, 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked too, and 14-gauge vinyl beams.

To think there’s more.

This quality camping mattress for couples features a 2-in-1 valve, one of which is extra wide to allow for rapid inflation and deflation. 

When inflated, the Classic Downy Airbed measures 80 x 60 x 8.75 inches, ensuring that it is a perfect fit for fitted sheets. Furthermore, it can hold up to 600 pounds of weight, which makes it ideal for couples.

Keep in mind that using the mattress for more than a few days will cause the vinyl to relax over time. This is often caused by the action of the temperature, humidity, ad location of the campsite. As such, you have to occasionally re-inflate the mattress to ensure that it is of your desired firmness.


When you newly purchase this airbed, give it up to 72 hours to fully stretch.


  • The Intex Classic Downy Airbed is quite affordable and of high quality and comfort
  • It uses wave beam construction to enhance comfort and durability
  • It features a 2-in-1 valve which makes inflation and deflation easy
  • It can hold up to 600 pounds of weight


  • It doesn’t come with a pump


The Intex Classic Downy Airbed is a perfect choice for looking for high-quality, durable, and comfortable camping mattresses for couples at an affordable rate. It comes equipped with numerous features, including wave beam construction that enhances durability. It also features a 2-in-1 valve for enhanced inflation and deflation.

Better Habitat Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The Better Habitat Sleep Ready camping mattress is another excellent camping mattress for couples that is constructed with memory foam. This mattress is available in multiple sizes: twin, single, and kids. Hence, when you want to select a size for you and your partner, it is recommended that you opt for the twin. This is because the other sizes can be a bit too small.

This mattress features a waterproof cotton terry cover that ensures your comfortability.

Even though it can’t be inflated, it can be folded, clipped, and transported in a travel bag. It measures 75 x 36 x 3 inches.


  • The Better Habitat Sleep Ready camping mattress does not require inflation
  • It features three-inch-thick padding, which enhances its comfortability
  • To set up, you only have to unclip the straps and spread them out
  • It comes with a carry bag


  • It is lumpy and heavy


The Better Habitat Sleep Ready camping mattress is ideal for couples who prefer memory foam to an airbed. It also comes already inflated, so you don’t have to worry about constantly inflating it. Unfortunately, you have to worry about how to carry it around as it is big and heavy.

Coleman Camp Cot and AirBed

Coleman is a manufacturing brand that focuses on making fun memories by producing tools that are integral to having incredible outdoor experiences. Some of these tools are lightings, coolers, sleeping bags, tents, stoves, camping tools, etc.

The Coleman Camp Cot and Airbed is an affordable camping mattress, and it comes with a sturdy steel cot to allow for an elevated sleeping experience. It features ComfortStrong Coil construction which provides additional support along with an AirTight system to prevent leaks. Its sturdy and high-quality construction materials ensure that most people find it to be a highly comfortable option.

Furthermore, this camping mattress can support a weight of up to 600 pounds and a height limit of about six feet two inches. It also offers you great support for sleeping and other activities.


Always confirm that the bed is at its desired firmness. If not, top it off with the included pump.

When inflated, the Coleman Camp Cot and Airbed measure 78 x 59 x 22 inches.


  • The Coleman Camp Cot and Airbed is quite affordable
  • It features a battery-operated pump that uses 4D cells
  • The mattress is constructed using nylon and steel frame cot
  • It uses ComfortStrong Coil construction to provide additional support and an Airtight system to prevent leaks
  • It can support a weight of up to 600 pounds and a height of up to six feet two inches


  • It is very heavy


If you want a camping mattress that does not require you to grab onto something before you can get on your feet, then this one is for you. The Coleman Camp Cot and Airbed feature a sleeping cot that enables you to elevate your mattress and stay well above the ground. This cot is made of quality steel, strong and durable enough to support weights up to 600 pounds without breaking or becoming damaged.

KingCamp Deluxe Double Sleeping Pad

If you don’t want to spend much money on an air mattress but still want to get a quality product, then you should check out this sleeping pad. The KingCamp Deluxe Double Sleeping pad is an affordable camping mattress that is of high quality.

It is a self-inflating pad that uses two non-corrosive brass valves, thus enabling rapid inflation and deflation. It has an R-Value of 7.4, which means that it can withstand cooler temperatures and can get you through mild fall. However, note that this camping mattress is not suitable for all seasons.

All you have to do is open the two valves to inflate the pad, and it will inflate itself. However, the process may take quite a while to complete.

Bear in mind that adding a few breaths will enable it to inflate properly. Furthermore, it is recommended that you do this in the sunlight to make the process better and faster.

To deflate the pad, you have to do the following:

  • Open the two valves
  • Roll the pad from the bottom and press the rolled part by your legs
  • When you get to the top part, allow the air to stream out for a while
  • Then, lock the valve.
  • Subsequently, without opening the valves, unfold the pad
  • Roll it again to the top part
  • Open the valves and allow the air to get out
  • Close the valves
  • Keep repeating (5 – 8) until you can put the pad into your carry bag

When inflated, the KingCamp Deluxe Double Sleeping pad measures 78 x 52 x 3 inches. And it has a rounded rectangle design.


  • The KingCamp Deluxe Double Sleeping pad is affordable
  • It is a self-inflating mattress that takes only a few minutes
  • It is made from 100% 150D Oxford Polyester, which makes it damp-proof, environment-friendly, and comfortable


  • The width of the mattress is not fully rectangular; instead, it tapers from 51 inches to 48 inches


The KingCamp Deluxe Double Sleeping pad is an affordable and top-rated sleeping pad that provides comfort to its users. It is a self-inflating sleeping pad that uses two non-corrosive brass valves to ensure rapid inflation and deflation.

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed

The Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed is a couple of camping mattresses designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for you and your partner wherever you are. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Moreover, it features a pump that enables you to inflate the bed wherever you are easy. It also features a pillowstop design at its top to prevent pillows from sliding off during usage.

Subsequently, it uses a ComfortStrong coil construction, enabling the coils on the airbed to contour to your body to enhance support and limit bulging. This feature further provides incredible comfort, thus ensuring that you wake up feeling rested every time. 

Furthermore, the Coleman SupportRest Elite airbed features an AirTight system and Double Lock valve that ensures the mattress is at its optimal firmness level. It can support up to 600-pound weight.

When you purchase this mattress, you automatically get a carry bag to ensure easy storage and portability.

Finally, when inflated, this mattress measures 78 x 60 x 18 inches.


  • Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed is a highly comfortable couple camping mattress suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It uses SwiftRise120-volt built-in air pump, which facilitates rapid inflation and deflation
  • It has an antimicrobial sleeping surface that prevents odor, mold, fungus, and mildew
  • It features an AirTight system and PillowStop design that ensures it is well inflated and keeps pillows in place
  • It has a 600-pound support capacity


  • It is not very affordable


The Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed is a top-rated couple camping mattress that is designed to provide comfort to its users. It offers numerous features, such as a SwiftRise120-volt built-in air pump, an antimicrobial sleeping surface, ComfortStrong construction, an Airtight system, and a Double-Lock valve.

Buying Guide

As you might expect, choosing the best camping mattress for couples involves more than selecting what appeals most to you. This is because it might not be the best option for you and your partner. As such, you have to consider certain salient features when choosing your preferred camping mattress.

This will ensure that the mattress you select will be tailored to your needs as well as that of your partner.

Let’s get to it:

The following are some of the features you have to watch out for when choosing the best camping mattress for couples.

Height and Width

If either one of, or both, you and your partner have a bad back, you’ll need as much room as possible to sleep in. This is so that you can stretch your legs and move around on the sleeping pad as you want. As such, when choosing a camping mattress for you and your partner, check the exact dimensions provided by the manufacturer, including the length and width.

Subsequently, ensure that you select the size that will give you more than enough sleeping room.


One of the most important factors you have to consider when purchasing a camping mattress is its thickness. A thicker mattress is generally more comfortable than its less thick variants, regardless of the terrain on which it is laid. It also supports your back and neck fully and, at the same time, protects you from all entities beneath the mattress itself. Examples of these entitle include sticks, pine cones, rocks, etc.


You can add extra thickness, padding, and comfort to your mattress by placing a warm sleeping bag on it.


Not many people usually consider the weight of a camping mattress before purchasing it, which often results in certain issues. Bear in mind that you don’t have to bother about this factor if you can simply drive to your campsite. However, if you have to hike or travel a long distance from your car, you must consider the weight of the sleeping pad you’ll be lugging around.

Although memory foam mattresses are very comfortable sleeping pads, they can’t be deflated. As such, they are usually much heavier and bulkier to carry than air mattresses.

Inner Material

Where some camping mattresses use air as their primary supportive material, other types use memory foam. While both are comfortable, the memory foam variant is more comfortable, especially if you or your partner have a bad back.

Set-Up Time

One of the last things you probably want to do while camping is to take a ton of time inflating and deflating your camping mattress. As such, you may want to purchase camping mattresses that do not require much time to inflate or deflate.

In the same vein, some camping mattresses are self-inflating. That is, all you have to do to inflate them is to lay the bed flat and open up the valves. For instance, memory foam camping mattresses do not require inflating or deflating, making them ideal if you are bothered about going through set-up stress. Unfortunately, self-inflating mattresses take a long time to fill up, and they don’t always produce the firmest mattress. As such, always endeavor to pack a pump.


A couple of camping mattresses often feature a pump, which could be either electric or manual.

Electric pumps are highly effective pump types, and they can either be rechargeable or not. To use them, simply attach the pump’s tip into the mattress valve, flip the switch, and watch it fill up.

Similar to electric pumps, manual pumps are also highly effective. However, they don’t run out of juice like the electric variant.


R-Value is used to describe the insulation of air mattresses. Hence, a camping mattress that has a high R-Value is densely insulated.

Bear in mind that the R-Value of the camping mattress you want to purchase should be based on the weather condition of your preferred camping season. As such, when you are looking for camping mattresses to ensure you are comfortable during most seasons, it is recommended that you opt for high R-Valued mattresses.

And that’s not all.

To ensure you remain comfortable during cold seasons, opt for R-values of 5.5 and above. However, for the other three seasons, look for an R-Value of at least 3


What is the best R-Value for a camping mattress?

To have a fitful and healthy night rest, you must stay warm and cozy at night. As such, you should choose a camping mattress with a high R-Value. However, if you are camping during hot weather, you may want to purchase camping mattresses that do not insulate well.

How do I care for my camping mattress?

Before you place the camping mattress directly on the ground, first inspect the area’s terrain to ensure nothing can damage the sleeping pad. When you finish using the mattress, endeavor to brush off the mattress before you repack it to avoid punctures when rolled up. Also, clean it with warm water, a sponge, and mild detergent 

How can I make my camping mattress more comfortable?

A comfortable camping system includes the pad, mattress, and clothing. Combining these three elements will ensure that you remain warm and comfortable.


Congratulations on coming to the end of this article. As you’ve seen above, choosing the best camping mattress for couples is neither difficult nor particularly easy. However, if you can follow the guide or choose from the products mentioned above, you’ll be choosing high-quality products.