We all need a piece of handy equipment to carry along when going on camping trips, backpacking trips, or even survival adventures. A foldable camping saw is one of the many important pieces of equipment needed for your trips. They are lightweight, long-lasting, compact, and simple to use.

You’re probably wondering which is the best camping saw you need to carry along. Don’t worry, and I have put together a list of some of the finest saws, which saves you time and also, stress-free

We’ve got 10 to go! Let us begin, shall we?

Top 10 Best Camping Saws 2023

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

If you’re one of those who often worry about your saw getting ruined by rust, the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is specially made to reduce your worries with a special coating to help it maintain its original look. This same coating gives the razor blade low friction. . Concerning the cutting blade, it’s a straight edge that does best at taking care of smaller cutting jobs. 

They have a lot of features put in just for your safety. For one, it has a plastic handle alongside a leather lash. Likewise, this outdoor hand saw uses a safety lock-in and lock-out feature, which can be particularly helpful, especially when you have little kids around. The blade can have problems clicking back into the handle because sometimes it’s not always straightforward. 


  • Quick and consistent cutting
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to use
  • Great at holding an edge for a long period


  • The blade can have difficulties locking back into the handle


The major catch for this lightweight saw is the easiness it comes with while using or holding it. Coupled with the fact that it consists of a lot of safety features with its locking mechanism.

Silky Saw

If you’re looking for the best saw to cut wood fast during your backpacking adventure, this Silky saw is definitely for you. It might seem a bit small in size, but the amount of work it can handle within a short time will blow your mind. You have to note that you should use it in a pull stroke to prevent this saw from bending. With its two separate locking positions, it can be used for flush or inline cutting. 

To constantly have a strong grasp even in wet conditions, the convenient hand saw includes a rubber-treated, non-slip handle. The minimal and lightweight device can overlay down and fit into your pocket if need be, however even in your pack, it shouldn’t occupy a lot of room. For upkeep, a few particles may get caught between the sharp razor teeth. Cleaning it off won’t be much of a problem for you.


  • A strong steel frame build-up for longevity
  • It is portable and can fit a pocket or small areas in a backpack
  • Sharp cutting through small wood effortlessly


  • Because of the razor teeth design, cleaning can be a bit difficult


What makes this silky folding hand saw unique is its portable, foldable design and lightweight feature, and its cutting capability to take on several jobs. It could also be a survival saw.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

The Gerber Freescape Folding Camp Saw is a simple device that can be used during backpacking trips because it can be folded down flat without taking out any parts. At the point when it’s collapsed, it’s additionally secured, so the edge keeps up its quality, and you don’t risk harming yourself, others, or the remainder of your stuff. 

Because of the razor blade’s size, just like a small number of them, this is not the saw for cutting tasks quickly, just like the Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw. All things considered, it can be very comfortable when you use it for a long. It includes an elastic over-mold grip, which you may likewise like if conditions are stormy or sweaty. Likewise, you can deal with medium-sized logs with this as it uses the whole length of the sharp edge to cut.


  • Can be used on small/medium-sized logs
  • It is comfy to be used for long durations
  • Portable and easy to pack up


  • Not enough teeth for quick cutting processes


Here’s the deal about this camp saw. It might not have enough teeth to help you cut fast enough, but it can be used to cut large diameters of wood with a tight grip. This is one of the best backpacking saw.

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

With a curvy design, the Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw offers smoother, quicker cutting. The triple-grounded, drive solidified razor assists you to eliminate 3x more material with each cut. So you keep up your hold, this uses a co-shaped handle that is ergonomically planned and supported with a single-handed grip. 

This holds strong and thanks to the high carbon included within the steel. To protect you and everyone else away from injuries, it’s simple and fast to hook. Do remember that because of its bent nature, the entirety of the teeth isn’t shrouded when folded like other foldable camp saws, for example, the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw.


  • Safe for individuals of several ages
  • It is easy to use and pack up
  • Gives you easy control when using it


  • The teeth don’t fully cover up when folded


This Corona Razor Tooth is among the best type of saws, especially for backpacking. It comes easy to use, and its curvy nature gives you full control and a tight grip. 

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

If you’re looking to pack up a saw that wouldn’t take much space in your bag, then the sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is your best bet. This foldable 36” chainsaw can be folded enough to fit your pockets. Amazing right? For cutting force, the dangerously sharp edges can oversee three sides of a limb simultaneously. Even though it might require some hard work with one individual, it can be done quickly with two individuals. 

Likewise, with the chain’s length, it can deal with branches that are somewhat higher up. This can save you a lot of time, yet it could be better for the individuals who have awful stances as you’re not needed to strain such a lot. Even though it cuts well, the blades are not known for keeping their edge, so that they may require regular re-sharpening


  • It takes up a little amount of space
  • It’s great for large limbs
  • Gives accurate cuts when properly aligned


  • It gets dull fast with the potential to jam easily


The best thing about this saw is its portable size and handling of thick limbs. If space-saving equipment has always been your thing, then this is for you. Also, it is budget-friendly.

Sven-Saw 21 inch Folding Saw

Having a lightweight saw made from great materials is awesome, right? Well, this Sven Saw is made from top-notch materials so that you can make the best use out of it. It easily packs up into its aluminum-made frame for safety, and because of its lightweight feature, it comes easy to pack. For those of you who don’t like purchasing new equipment every year, this is for you.

The razor blades are covered up completely when folded to prevent any form of snagging or even mild injuries. With this saw, cutting comes easy, and even though it offers a tight grip, unlike the Gerber Frescape cam saw, it isn’t very comfortable when used for a long period. The use of gloves might give a little comfort.


  • Strong construction which makes it long la-lasting
  • Easy to align and dismantle
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Its grip isn’t all that comfortable


The best thing about this saw is its ability to last for a long period without losing the razor sharpness and its cutting features. It is also very simple to align and dismantle.

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

A number of the other camp saws on this list highlight a folding design. Note that this folding feature can reduce the weight, yet they’re still bulky and require shorter blades than the regular wood saws. Filzer’s Buckster Bow Saw compromises by offering a conventional format and length with a folding design. The 18″ steel razor blade is a bit longer than most foldable versatile saws. However, the entire gadget can fold down and pack inside itself — bringing about a solitary 19″ tube-shaped cylinder that is not difficult to pack and convey. It is among the best backpacking saw that I recommend.


  • Easy to make use of
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Rubber handle for easy grip
  • A portable and durable device


  • Can take a little bit more space


This is a backpacking camp saw I recommend. What attracts you to this tool is its portability, easy and comfortable grip, and affordable price. It might take up a bit more space, but it is worth it.

AGAWA 21 Inch Folding Bow Saw

The BOREAL21 folding survival saw from Agawa Canyon is a noteworthy accomplishment of design. The anodized aluminum outline is very extraordinary. It overlaps down to about 24.75 inches long and around 2 inches thick. However, that is not all. The edge securely holds the razor blade and bars to guard you and your possessions! You can pop it into your sack and not stress over any harm. At the point when you need to make use of it, simply open it and utilize the pivots to connect the cutting blade to the handle. 

The actual edge is made out of solidified stainless steel. It’s covered to oppose rust and has a raker tooth design. This remarkable tooth configuration is adaptable and offers great accuracy paying little heed to what you’re cutting.


  • Made from quality materials
  • It is long-lasting
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • It is slightly expensive


This BOREAL21 is one of the best portable hand saw to be made. Its portability is its main catch. If you’re looking for a hand, saw that is portable and takes up little or no space, this is the best one yet! This is a saw I’ll recommend if you’re looking for something small.

Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw

The major disadvantage of other camp saws mentioned in this list is their absence of flexibility. Every one of them, aside from the Zippo AxeSaw, works exclusively as a saw. Nonetheless, this is a twofold threat, with both a practical 15″ saw cutting edge and a 420 stainless steelhead. That way, with regards to outdoor cutting jobs, you have every one of your bases canvassed in this single, compact, flexible equipment. It likewise displays a security sheath so you can abstain from cutting yourself when wielding the saw. The posterior of the hatchet includes a hammer tip that is convenient for pounding in outdoors tent stakes.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • A Multipurpose camping tool
  • Strong, durable, and comfortable
  • Comes with a safety sheath for the blade


  • It could take up a little bit of space


The beauty of this Zippo AxeSaw is it is 3 in 1 multipurpose feature. You can never go wrong with this hand saw. It serves as a saw, mallet, and a hatchet at the same time. How cool is that? This is one of the best portable hand saw, no doubt! 

Silky Professional BIGBOY Folding Saw

Although it’s a bit on the heavy side — weighing 1.25 pounds with razor teeth that have the right stuff at more than 14 inches — there’s no denying what a cosmic camp saw the Silky BIGBOY 360 is. This device is strong and extreme, with six teeth for every inch that can make snappy work of pretty much any cutting job. Truly, the only disadvantage to this super practical saw is that it will take up significantly more space than any of the different choices on this list. In any case, that is not a downside thinking about the amount you receive in return.


  • A non-slip rubber cushioned handle
  • Sturdy, durable, and comfortable to use
  • Easy to handle


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • It takes up more space


This is another multipurpose saw with an excellent design and great strength. Although, it is a bit heavy asides that the Silky BIGBOY is a great choice.

Buying guide to Best Camping Saw. What factors to keep in mind before buying a Camping Saw?

There are several features to consider when you want to pick out the right camping saw for your camping trip. These features are very important. You wouldn’t want to take along the wrong camping gear and end up having a not-so-good camping experience.

I have listed some of the basic and very important features/things to consider before purchasing your camp saw.

The primary use of the saw

Before getting a saw, you should already have an idea of what you need it for. It won’t be ideal for getting a large saw if you’re going to be dealing with small chunks of wood. Let’s say you’re attempting to go on a long hike, and it’ll be better you carry along with a lightweight saw and a quality one too to serve you better up in the woods. 

Saw blade teeth per inch

This is essential to consider when purchasing the best camping saw for you. Do you need a better, however, more slow cut or a quicker yet harsher one? 

The overall standard is that the more teeth per inch there are on a saw razor, the better the end cut is, yet the slower the razor will overcome the wood. The fewer teeth per inch there are, the harsher the end cut, but you’ll complete it quicker.

Security and locking mechanism

It’s advantageous to have a locking instrument on your camp saw – either single (bolts just when the razorblade is opened) or twofold bolting (locks when both open and shut). For certain collapsing saws, it very well may be a catch that you press. With others, it very well may be a lock that you work. In any case, it’s ideal not to need to stress over the saw sharp edge swinging down when open or out when shut.

Pull stroke or push stroke?

You don’t have to put a lot of consideration into this one. A lot of saws are cut on the pull, which is quite similar to Japanese saw styles. This makes the blade thin and more portable. You can be more in control and make accurate cuts with a pull stroke cut. Note that you have to pull the saw carefully! Not a lot of pressure is needed to cut. Allow the teeth do all the work. If you use the force, you most likely bend the saw razor or let it get stuck in the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a blade that is covered in resin?

It is only natural for your saw to be covered in resin after cutting down a few trees. When this occurs, ensure to clean it off immediately to maintain the cutting capacity. The way you clean your razor teeth/blade will affect the durability of the blades. Make sure to stay clear from solvents and use degreasers like Rockler pitch and Resin cleaner, simple Green. You can also make use of oven cleaners. A lot of these cleaning solutions are highly concentrated, so it is advisable to use them according to the instructions provided.

What is the most used type of saw?

There are several types of camp saw available such as bow saws, folding saws, and pocket saws. They all have their specific functions and uses, but the folding saw is the most commonly used out of all the camp saw types. Note that they are all backpacking saws.

How can you describe a folding saw?

A folding saw has a toothed cutting edge that gets collapsed internally, making it simpler to pack for camping adventures and other travel. It is an adaptable instrument equipped for slicing through numerous materials, making it ideal for trackers, camping devotees, and even those focusing on growing a small garden. 

Rather than an ax or ordinary saws, folding saws are vastly improved outdoor instruments because of their lightweight, versatility, and compact size.

Can I only use folding saws on a pull stroke?

Folding saws don’t cut entirely cut on the pull stroke. Using a saw that cuts on the pull or push stroke depend on what you want to use it for. The position of the teeth often determines it.

How do you buy a saw based on its blade thickness?

Generally, a thick razor is stronger, which means more accuracy and satisfactory cutting performance can be gotten while a thin blade emphasizes its flexibility. I advise you to go for a thin blade if you’re looking for thin cuts.


Camping trips are full of fun and several adventures like hiking, backpacking, fishing, and many other exciting things to do. At some point, you’ll need to gather some wood to either make a fire or for shelter. This is where the camping saw comes in. You can’t just take along any type of saw with you to the woods, and you have to pick out the best camping saw suitable for your camping adventure.

You can use the list I have provided as a guideline to help pick out the best saw suitable for your camping needs. Also, feel free to pick from any of the camping saws we have on our list.

Pick now and have an amazing camping trip.