If you love camping passionately, there are other activities you are likely to engage in during camping like hiking, swimming, etc. One of the most important items to include in your camping gear is the best camping towels in 2023. We discovered that several campers do not know how to select the right camping towels for their needs because they don’t know the features to look out for.

In this guide, we have extensively and painstakingly reviewed several camping towels and their outstanding qualities. This review and buying guide contains important factors to check when you are ready to get one for yourself.

Best 10 Camping Towels in 2023

1. Wise Owl Camping Travel Towel

One of the best quick dry camping towels you will find on the market is the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel. It is different from most camping towels on the market owing to its quick drying nature and super soft texture. Also, this camping towel has a greater absorbent level than many camping towels around.

You can use this camping towel for several uses like swimming, camping, hiking, at the gym, during yoga workouts, at the beach, when having a shower, etc. The interesting part is, this camping towel does not constitute a burden when you put it in your camping bag. The lightweight nature of this camping towel makes it ideal for traveling with.

If you are camping in a sunny area, this best hiking towel can dry up within 10 minutes when exposed to direct sunlight. Also, it comes with sufficient thickness that can hold any amount of moisture needed to dry up.


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • It is suitable for several uses like camping, hiking, etc
  • It has an extra absorbent ability better than most camping towels
  • It dries up within a short time


  • It doesn’t come with antibacterial treatment


The Wise Owl Camping towel can be used for any activity you can think of. This makes it one of the versatile camping towels available

2. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

The Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is a camping towel that comes with a fast-drying ability. With this camping towel, you don’t have to worry about delays in getting dried up. Its super absorbent nature allows for frequent use within a short time and dries you up quickly. In addition, it comes in different colors and various sizes for you to select your preference.

Furthermore, this camping towel has a carry bag partly comprising mesh material that enhances the towel’s breathability when carrying it; this also prevents mildew. Also, the carry bag has a snap loop for storage, and the towel has a hang loop for drying.

Interestingly, 85% of the towel comprises Polyester, while 15% is made up of polyamide; this makes it feel quite rougher than most microfibers. You will love to hear that the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is treated with an antimicrobial- Silvadur. When this treatment is applied, silver ions are deposited on the towel. These silver ions produce a lethal odor that is toxic to microbes allowing the towel to remain odor-free for a long period.


  • It is treated with an antimicrobial called Silvadur, which allows it to smell nice
  • It comes with a carry bag that allows for storage
  • It comes in different sizes and colors
  • It comes at a budget-friendly price


  • It is slightly rough


The antimicrobial treatment on this towel is one of its outstanding features

3. SUNLAND Microfiber Travel Towel

The Sunland Sports Travel Towel is a Microfiber towel that is super compact and portable. Its material makeup comprises 80% of Polyester, 20% Polyamide, and microfibers. It is lightweight and can easily fit into any camping or hiking bag without causing a strain on you.

To fully satisfy your taste, this camping towel is available in a wide variety of colors. Alongside the net bag included in the products package, you can carry your towel anywhere you are going and use it every day.

It would excite you to know that this camping towel dries three times faster than materials like cotton. This is one of the main reasons why you have increased freedom when using this towel. You can move from one place to another without bothering about a possible foul smell coming from the towel.

In addition, the Sunland Microfiber Sports Travel Towel comes with a hang loop positioned on the towel’s corner, which allows for easy hanging and drying. The feel of this towel’s fabric is similar to Suede’s. Its absorbent power is profound, and its evaporation speed is nearly unmatched when compared to other towels on the market.

With this camping towel, you don’t need the usual back and forth scrub. All you need to do is apply lightly, and you will get a good cleaning effect. If you are using this camping towel for the first time, it is advised to wash in water when soaked for like 10 seconds.


  • It is compact and lightweight, which ensures convenience
  • It is designed for a broad variety of uses
  • When applied to the skin, it gives a soft and non-sticky feeling
  • It comes with a carry bag for storage


  • It does not have an extensive hair drying ability


This camping towel comes with a fast drying speed which is a rare sight among most camping towels

4. Dock & Bay Quick Drying Towel

The Dock and Bay Quick Drying Towel is the ideal towel for all workouts. It is a big, light, and quick-drying towel that is great for any sporting or workout event. This is one of the few quick dry camping towels that come in three sizes: Small, Large, and Extra Large.

In addition, this towel comes in a classic towel design. The classic range comes with saturated color, while the essential line has lighter color. It is interesting to mention that this camping towel is ecologically friendly and can be fully recycled.

The towel is made from a combination of Polyester and polyamide. This blend is responsible for the plush, and soft feel that the towel gives when drying your body. Furthermore, there are fibers in this camping towel that eliminate water from your body. You will also be pleased to hear that the towel does not harbor offensive smells because it dries almost instantly. So, you can fold it into your bag after use, and your clothes would not smell bad.

When you order this product, it comes in a portable pouch that can be used as a bag. Asides from storing your towel, you can put items like phones, keys, wallets, and other accessories if you are not camping.


  • The towel dries up extremely fast
  • It is eco-friendly and can be recycled
  • It has a handy pouch for storing towels and other items
  • It is available in three sizes depending on your preference


  • It is quite expensive


This camping towel is eco-friendly, which means it is safe and not a threat to the environment

5. Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Camping Towel

The Youphoria Camping towel is an item you need for any situation, and it falls into the category of the best towel for backpacking. This multipurpose towel is available in three sizes, so you are free to select any size based on your preference. If you need a big camping towel for your camping expedition, or you need a small towel to wipe your sweat at the gym, the Youphoria camping towel has you covered.

This camping towel is made from fast-drying and ultra-absorbent microfiber. It is important to mention that this towel can hold high volumes of water, measuring up to five times its weight. Also, the drying ability of this towel is almost unmatched as it dries up to ten times faster than conventional camping towels. This makes the towels useable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

In addition, it has a travel towel that has a portable carry bag for camping, hiking, and other activities. The carry bag comes with a hang loop that makes it easy to hang on a branch at your camp location.


  • It comes with a carry bag for easy and convenient storage
  • It is made with a fine blend of microfiber, which offers a soft and gentle feel
  • This camping towel comes in three sizes
  • It has a top-drying ability


  • It is thinner than most towels on the market


The Youphoria camping towel can dry up ten times faster than most camping towels.

6. PackTowl Ultralite Microfiber Towel

Do you have an impromptu camping activity where you don’t have to take much stuff along? One of the important items you need to take with you is a camping towel. And you can rest assured that the PackTowl Ultralite Microfiber Towel is light and ultra-absorbent towel that has you covered for any trip.

It would interest you to know that this camping towel was originally manufactured to give campers, hikers, and backpackers peace of mind. Campers do not have to carry a wet camping towel that oozes a horrible smell. With this super absorbent camping towel, you can get on with your adventure without any worries.

This best towel for backpacking is made from ultra-absorbent microfiber material that can soak up water effectively, which can be easily squeezed out. When compared to cotton towels, this towel gets dried up 80% faster than them.

Also, this towel comes in various colors, giving you the luxury of selecting your preference, and it is great for any activity you intend to embark on. In addition, you can wash this camping towel with a machine, and the fabrics won’t get damaged.


  • It is made from absorbent microfiber fabric, which can soak up to 4 times
  • Its drying ability is better than most cotton towels on the market
  • It comes with a storage pouch for easy packing
  • It can be washed with a machine


  • It is not durable enough


The PackTowl Ultralite Camping Towel can be washed with a machine, and the fabric cannot be affected

7. 4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Towels

If you want to go camping with your family and need a towel for everyone, the 4Monster Bath Camping towel is a great pick.

When you order this product, it comes in a water-resistant bag that contains four camping towels and one additional mesh bag. This bag comes with a big zipper and long handle that makes it easy to use and carry. So, if you are going camping or to the beach with your family, this product package will come in handy.

The interesting part is, these towels come with a distinct color seam that allows each person to identify their towels. Also, this camping towel is produced from microfiber material which gives a gentle and soft touch to your skin. It is similar to the bath towels you would find in luxury hotels. However, this towel has a higher absorbent capacity; it is also softer and lighter.

As regards its water absorption capacity, this is one of the most absorbent towels you might ever find. Asides from camping activities, it is great for the beach, swimming, and other water-related sports. This camping towel can be air-dried and used again in a short while. You can also use this camping towel as a household towel, as it provides more functionality than regular household cotton towels.

Unlike other camping towels produced with chemical dyes, this towel is produced with natural plant dyes. The fabric is fully sterilized, and the stitching is long-lasting.


  • It is the ideal family pack as each member can get their personal camping towels
  • It has a strong water absorption capacity
  • It provides a gentle and soft feel on your skin
  • It is not made from chemical dyes that can damage your skin


  • It might stick to your skin for sometime


Not all camping towels have durable stitching, and this is why they don’t last long. The 4Monster Bath Camping Towel is well stitched, which promotes its longevity

8. TravelSnugs Luxury Camping Towel

The TravelSnugs Luxury Camping Towel is your perfect companion when traveling for camping expeditions and other activities. This camping towel comes in two sizes: Large and Medium. Hence, depending on your preference, you can opt for the size that fits your present need. You can easily fold these towels into portable sizes if you have to force them into your already-filled camping bag.

Also, to prevent you from getting annoyed when you hang your camping towel to dry, the TravelSnugs camping towel comes with a hanging loop. When you hang the towel at your camping site, the hanging loop prevents it from falling off. So, you can prevent your lovely microfiber camping towel from being stained by the floor.

Furthermore, this camping towel has a breathable carry pouch. This pouch provides sufficient space for your towel to breathe, even in your camping bag. Even though this camping towel comes with a quick-drying ability, there are times when you are in a hurry and there’s no time to remove the water.

The pouch holds the forte for you, allowing the water to evaporate while you are in transit. All you need do is attach the pouch outside your traveling bag and leave it to drip water while you move on.

Have you heard of a sand-free beach towel before? This is one of the peculiar attributes of this camping towel. When you take this camping towel to the beach, you don’t have to worry about getting sand on your body. The TravelSnugs camping towel comes with a sand-free feature that prevents sand retention.


  • It comes with a breathable compact carry case that allows your wet towel to lose water safely
  • The camping towel is sand-free, which prevents sand from staying on your body
  • This camping towel is portable and easily foldable
  • It comes with a fast-drying ability that saves your time


  • It is not as durable as other camping towels


Not all camping towels come with the sand-free feature. However, this feature is present in The TravelSnugs Luxury Camping Towel, and it makes this towel stand out

9. KISEER Mini Portable Towels for Camping

Not everyone fancies carrying bulky wipes when they are going camping. This is why products like the KISEER Mini Portable Towel exist. This camping towel is a good inclusion in your camping kit when going on any expedition. They save up sufficient space in your camping backpack to allow room for other equally vital items.

This camping towel is made from non-woven cotton material. When applied to your skin, it feels very soft and gentle, thus providing ample comfort. In addition, this towel is very easy to use. All you have to do is put it in warm or cold water and watch it increase in size.

Interestingly, there are 200 pieces of mini compressed towels included in the product package. This saves you the stress of using and washing. Asides from using this towel during camping activities, it is suitable for traveling, business trips, beach visits, etc.

Also, you can use this towel indoors in your kitchen, office, bathroom, hotel, and so on.


  • Its packaging comes with 200 pieces of mini-compressed towels
  • You can use this towel both for camping and other activities
  • It is easy to use, and it increases in size when placed in warm or cold water
  • It is the ideal replacement for bulky wipes that take much space in your camping bag


  • This camping towel cannot be reused


Portability is one of the outstanding and notable features of the KISEER Mini Portable Towel. It saves you the stress of carrying large towels in your bag

10. Wildhorn Microlite Travel Towel Set

If you are ready to go on any camping adventure, you need a towel that can serve different purposes. This camping towel comes in a combo pack that contains three different towel sizes: Extra-large, Large, and small.

Generally, the extra-large towel is great for the lake or beach. The large size is not heavy, and it is good for camping and hiking. Lastly, the small towel is ideal for gym or golfers. Getting this camping towel ensures that you receive the best value for your money.

Since this camping towel is designed for several uses, having the quick-drying ability would be a luxury, which this towel comes with. After using this towel, you will be glad to notice that it dries up within a short period, which is enough to put it back among your clothes. The interesting part is, this towel does not support the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus.

It is vital not to leave out the fact that this camping towel is made from soft microfiber that provides a gentle feel on the body. In the product package, you will find hang loops to hang your towels for prompt drying.


  • It comes with a portable mesh carrying case for convenient storage
  • It has a super-absorbent ability better than most camping towels on the market
  • It is made from plush and soft microfiber that provides a gentle feel
  • It comes with hang loops for easy drying


  • It does not last for a long period


If you need a towel that provides a soft and soothing feel on your skin, the Wildhorn Microlite Dry Towel is a good choice.

Buying Guide for the Best Camping Towels in 2023

Getting a camping towel is beyond personal considerations you would give to a personal towel. Here are some crucial features you need to know when buying the best camping towels.

Fabric Material

Generally, camping materials are made from four materials: Microfiber, cotton, bamboo, and linen.

These days, microfiber is the best choice for most campers who want to get camping towels. The reason is, the fibers are held very close together, and they are in high numbers than other fabrics. In addition, microfiber has high absorbent power. Usually, microfiber is a combination of polyester and polyamide/nylon.

In comparison, cotton material is heavier and takes a longer time to get dry when compared to microfiber. Also, cotton is softer and more absorbent than microfiber. You will love the feel a cotton camping towel provides because it treats your skin gently.

For bamboo camping towels, they are made from highly absorbent fabrics higher than cotton. They get dried up quickly while maintaining optimum comfort and a plush feel.

Lastly, Linen camping towels are plant-based, made from flax plant fibers. It is long-lasting, sturdy, and well absorbent. It has a drying power over cotton, but it is not too lightweight.

Antimicrobial treatment

A camping towel with antimicrobial treatment is beneficial to the camper. Antimicrobial treatment helps to prevent fungus, mildew, and mold growth. Similarly, the application of antimicrobial treatment eliminates offensive odors that might develop in the towel.

When you want to get a camping towel with antimicrobial treatment, it is important to know the chemicals involved for your safety. In addition, with antimicrobial treatment, your towel will remain clean for a longer period. This longevity helps to sustain their value and usability.


When it comes to the sizes of camping towels, we all have preferences. If you have a preferred brand that does not have various sizes that include your preferred size, it might not be a viable option. Hence, you can look out for towels that come in various sizes.

Generally, there are three camping towel sizes, namely: Small, medium, and large. Some towel brands further categorize these sizes into exact measurements so that you can know what is obtainable.


Some customers are after aesthetics, and it is fine. Aesthetics and design come in handy if you would not only be using the towel for camping purposes. If you don’t consider weight and portability options, you can look out for towel designs.

Another design aspect is the towel’s shape. The common shape is rectangular, and it is common among campers because it is easy to fold and pack.


When using a camping towel, the last thing you want is not to achieve the desired comfort. You can determine the towel’s comfort by observing how it feels against your skin. Some towel brands make false promises about a towel’s comfort. Eventually, it does not turn out as assured. This is why you need to check the customer reviews to know their comments or views regarding comfort and ease of use.

Absorbent power / quick drying

A camping towel’s absorbency and ability to dry fast are the primary traits for determining the camping towel type to buy. When you are going camping, you might not have the luxury of time to spread your towel to get dried for a long time. For instance, if you are leaving the campsite, and your towel is not dried, it can affect your schedule.

You need a camping towel that dries up almost as soon as it is used. If you put a wet towel in your camping bag, it would make your clothes and other materials damp.

Hence, quick drying is vital for the camping towel to retain its use over time. Another close characteristic you should look out for is the towel to lose almost all the soaked-up water when it is squeezed.

Easily foldable

The ideal towel to get is one that can retain its shape after several uses. When getting a camping towel, ensure you get one that can be easily foldable too. Not everyone considers portability as a factor, but it is important to get a portable and easily foldable camping towel if you are worried about your camping bag’s size.

Some towels come with a pouch that acts as a storage room. This pouch helps to compress the towels for them to fit easily into any space.


It is important to mention that a camping towel should be useful in various situations. Asides from coming in different colors, design patterns, and sizes, they should have a wide range of use. During camping, you might engage in activities like climbing, swimming, jogging, hiking, and a host of others. You need a camping towel that is useful in various activities.

Carry bag

You have to ensure your camping towel comes with a carry bag. Usually, the best carry bags have a breathable mesh that ensures your towel stays dry every time. You should be able to easily carry the mesh bag easily or put it in your camping bag or vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some microfiber towels have offensive odor sometimes?

The reason is, all microfiber towels comprise small gaps found between the fabric threads. If care is not taken, these small gaps can harbor fungus, mildew, and mold growth. If you don’t clean your camping towel properly after use, it can develop a foul odor. This would happen fast if the towel is left wet for a long time if it is not wrung.

This is one of the reasons to opt for a microfiber towel that comes with the quick-drying feature.

What are the qualities to check for in a camping towel?

Choosing the best camping towel for your needs can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. Some of the crucial qualities to look out for are absorbent quality, portability, quick-drying, antimicrobial treatment, comfort, and versatility.

How can I wash my camping towel?

The act of washing a towel boils down to your preference. Some camping towels can be washed with machines, while it is not advisable to wash some of them with machines. Hence, if you prefer using machines to wash your camping towel to save time, be sure to confirm if the towel supports such. On the other hand, if your preferred camping towel would get damaged when washed by machines, it is best to use your hands.  


When you are going camping, a vital tool to always keep handy is your camping towel. They help you remain cool and prevent dehydration. If you had a tough day while camping, a camping towel helps you dry off.

Even though all towels seem to perform the same action, they are not created the same. Hence, when you want to get the best camping towels in 2023, it is important to look out for the above-mentioned factors.