Getting the best budget sleeping bag might seem an easy task. However, this may not be true due to the plenty of available options. 

So, how do you get one with a $50 budget?  

Well, looking out for the right one with impressive features might take ages as there are a bit too many. 

But guess what? 

You won’t need to do that as I have compiled a list of the best sleeping bag under $50.

Top 7 Best Sleeping Bag under 50 

So, without much ado, here are the top 8 best sleeping bags under 50. They may not be the fanciest, but they sure get you through the night. They will also offer you a comfortable bedtime. 

1. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

Are you looking for a sleeping bag that can accommodate a tall person, then look no further than the Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag? It is one of the best sleeping bags for big guys as it can house a person with a height of six feet two inches comfortably.

It features a thick and sturdy polyester material with a warmth rating of about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. While this may not sound too familiar, it’s one of the best features for a mountain lodger who wants to spend a night out. 

This sleeping bag offers you the chance to seal in heat when inside, thanks to the semi sculpted hood, which you can tighten with a drawstring. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about zip snags as the bag comes with a zipPlow system that keeps the fabric out of the zip’s way. 

Are you worried about warmth? 

With an insulated foot box fitted to top off the quilting construction and thermolock draft tube, warmth is certainly not one of your problems. More so, you may decide to unzip the bottom to enhance the ventilation. 


  • Guarantees warmth with a string of amazing features
  • It offers one of the best cross ventilations
  • Easy opening and closure
  • Provides snug fit and warmth retention


  • Not machine washable
  • Difficult to pack up


Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag comes in handy for an unforgettable camping experience. It comes with a litany of amazing features which not only keep you warm but also comfortable. The bag helps you retain warmth and is your best option for zero degrees Fahrenheit night out. 

2. FARLAND Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag features some of the best components for an elk night out. The filling material is about 400GSM and weighs a packed mass of 4.5 pounds together with 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating. This bag helps to ensure that your hiking journey stays on track with the super comfortable design. 

The ease and comfort you get with this bag are doubled by the quick folding ability of the crash bag. Roll control layout keeps the entire package in the tight switch, making for easy carriage and transport. 

The Farland sleeping is waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions keeping you warm in the most daring climate. Moreover, the double-filled technology helps with moisture-proofness, preventing you from contact with dampness. 

Here is more to this sleeping bag. 

The big bag measures about 29.5 by 86.6 inches, giving you extreme comfort even if your frame is up to six feet. The polyester fiber material blends well with breathable mesh to offer the best convenience for campers. 


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The breathable fabric gives maximum comfort
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction layout
  • Portable and easy to fold with fantastic zipper closure


  • No bag liner contained
  • Faulty insulation


FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉ for Adults Teens Kids gives you a risk-free satisfaction without the extra weight stress of a heavy bag. The sac is both water-resistant and weatherproof to adverse climates giving you the best night out ever. 

3. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

Experience one of your greatest camping experiences with the Revaclamp sleeping bag. As the name implies, it is an ultralight sleeping bag under 100. The camping sac is big enough for a six-foot adult or child. Hence, you carry it in your backpack with ease. 

You have no worries about the cold night as it comes with a plush filling to make your sleep warm and comfy. Besides, you can travel miles away from home with this bag without folding it properly, as it comes with a sturdy pack. The zipper closure remains steady and easy to operate, making it easy to go in and out. 

Here is one exciting part. 

It comes in different colors, which gives you a wide array of options to choose from. 

Additionally, you get to fulfill your camping fantasies in the maximum comfort of this roomy and convenient bag. You can even zip two bags together to create an expanded space for unforgettable family time with your spouse. 


  • It gives enough room with equal comfort
  • Simple open and close operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to fold and transport around
  • Incredibly comfy and resistant to weather


  • Crampy inside
  • Compacted without fleece liner


The REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag for Indoor & Outdoor Use is a multipurpose bag with excellent features. It’s one of the best zipper sleeping bags. Hence, you can get for that camper camping activity, and rest assured that you get nothing but the best quality time. 

4. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

This compression bag spots a design that suits the average hiker or traveler throughout the season. The bag is best suited for chilly temperatures thanks to its warm and comfortable insides. 

For a tiring journey from hiking and traveling, the most amazing thing is to get comfy in a cozy barrel bag. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag guarantees the best mountain times and maximum comfort to your freezy legs. 

Moreover, you need no extreme tutorial on cleaning a sleeping bag as this sac is easy to clean. It is machine-friendly, saving the efforts of a tiring hand wash. Besides, you need not worry about portability as the bags come with a travel-friendly carry bag which accounts for transporting convenience. 

Here is the exciting part.

The insides of this bag can be both warm and cozy at the same time, which makes it a go-to sleeping sac for all kinds of weather. Moreover, the bag is lightweight and durable, offering extra comfort in all your adventurous traveling and sojourn. 

That’s not all. 

 It features 100% polyester lining that is breathable and skin-friendly. The best sleeping bag you need for a cozy night out in the mountains.


  • It comes with no risk and offers maximum satisfaction
  • Breathable and friendly to the skin
  • The barrel design is suitable for v-shaped men
  • Durable and sturdy thanks to high-quality stitches


  • Consumes space due to large build
  • A bit weighty and hard to pack

5. Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is your ideal camp sac for fishing, hiking, and camping for cold-weather hikes. 

The bag suits the summer traveler. It comes with a durable outer shell made of 170T polyester in a comfortable envelope-shaped design. This build makes it an ideal bag for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes in handy for colder temperatures of about 50 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Here is also worthy of note.  

This ultralight sleeping Bag under 100 dollars are resistant to tears and rips. It has an outer shell warmth filling of 200GSM, which guarantees your maximum warmth in colder weather. The bag is machine washable, which saves you the stress of a tiring manual wash and gives you the comfort of easy cleaning. 

You also get to enjoy an easy pack up and simple travel luggage thanks to the lightweight design and compact layout. It weighs only two pounds with a 14-inch size making it one of the most portable sleeping bags on the market. 


  • Durable and ultralight design
  • Multipurpose use and handy in most weathers
  • The warm and cozy polyester lining gives maximum comfort
  • Easy to open and close zipper closure
  • Comfortable


  • Inferior zippers
  • Not thick enough for extreme cold climate


For an ultra-comfort experience and compactness, the Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is a great choice. The bag offers maximum comfort with its 200GSM filling polyester material. It comes in handy for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a great investment for many purposes. 

6. Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Get one of the best budget sleeping bags for your summer camping with this great choice. Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag comes with a beautiful design and is spacious inside. Hence, if you want to get your warmth indoor feeling in an outdoor setting, this is the bag to vary along. 

The bag comes in handy in high humidity areas as the weather-resistant design gives you extra protection from dampness. Moreover, the double-filled technology sleeping bag ensures you get a sound sleep at night irrespective of the prevailing climate. Thus, for any summit which occurs either in the summer or winter, Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag is your go-to sac. 

Besides, every Coolzon sleeping bag comes with a compression bag with straps making the carriage very easy. The insides are cozy and warm, and they make the best outdoor bedroom for every child and adult. The normal size is good for teenagers, but it also has a bigger size for large frame persons. 


  • Breathable and cozy
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Better storage gear
  • Waterproof and damp-resistant


  • A bit weighty and massive
  • Inferior leg cover exposes toes to frost


This is the best cheap backpacking sleeping bag on the list as it strikes a perfect balance between waterproof, warmth, and breathability. It comes with great craftsmanship combined with high-grade quality materials making up one of the best inexpensive, lightweight sleeping bags. 

7. Coleman Sun Ridge Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sun Ridge 40°F Warm Weather Sleeping Bag makes sleeping in the wild a fun activity. The brand simplifies packing using sturdy locks on the bag edges to keep it in check during long trips. 

This means that just one person can roll and pack the sleeping bag. 

That’s not all. 

Its quick cord feature removes the need to knot the cord after rolling the bag with simple snaps and locks. 

Here is one interesting fact about this Coleman sleeping bag 

The edges of the bag come with plush material, giving you extreme comfort on the face while lying down. Additionally, you need not worry about zipper clogs as the ZipPlow feature pushes fabric away from the zip line. 


  • Has easy zip opening and closure
  • Comfortable cuff for face comfort
  • Simple packing steps with snaps and locks
  • Warm and extremely durable


  • Inferior material finish


You get to enjoy all-night warmth with Coleman Sun Ridge 40°F Warm Weather Sleeping Bag. The bag comes with a fiberlock design that prevents loss of warmth and shifting of insulation. The bag is machine washable, which gives you optimum cleaning ease. Ideal for sports and camping, this is one of the best sleeping bags under 100. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Sleeping Bag

While camping and other outdoor activities that involve sleeping out are fun, a sleeping bag ensures a beautiful night’s rest. However, there are some important factors you need to consider before heading out to purchase a sleeping bag. Chief among them is.

Bag’s Temperature Rating

For temperature ratings, the manufacturer is assuming that the sleeper wears thin thermals to bed. This is the first thing you should remember when viewing a sleeping bag’s temperature rating.

Temperature rating is one piece of information manufacturers always provide for their sleeping bags. This rating comes both in the form of an EN/ISO rating or a user assessment.

EN/ISO rating is a standard and is often used during the comparison between bags. When a bag has an EN/ISO rating, you often see ratings for ‘comfort,’ ‘lower limit,’ and ‘extreme’ temperatures.

That is not all, though.

There is also gender-based temperature ratings; ‘standard male’ and ‘standard female.’ 

On the other hand, temperature rating due to user assessment is based on individual preferences. 

Here is why? 

Well, while we are both humans, temperatures that I consider comfortable might discomfort you greatly.

Generally, you should note that temperature rating is not always a solid basis for assessment. 

Sleeping Shape

Generally, whether an ardent camper or not, we all want some stretching room in our sleeping space. That is why most sleeping bags favor the rectangular shape design. 

While a bag might look spacious in appearance, remember appearances could be deceiving.

So how do you know which bag would best suit you?

This is why I advise you to know terms given to different sleeping bags’ shapes.


To ensure you do not buy a bag that might not be comfortable for you. 

In General, there are 3 basic shapes of sleeping bags.

  • Mummy
  • Rectangular
  • Semi-rectangular


Guess sometimes you miss Mom’s cuddles! Well, mummy sleeping bags got you!

This sleeping bag cuddles you just like Mom, hence the name. This bag is a snug fit which increases its warmth and reduces its weight.

This snug fit bag rolls over with you when you roll over.


Rectangular sleeping bags are the epitome of comfortability. 

Here is why?

With these bags, you have the room to stretch out both arms and legs. All you need to do is roll over inside the sleeping bag as it has enough room. 

Besides, you can completely unzip some rectangular sleeping bags for use as a comforter.  

This bag shape is usually the best sleeping bag for big guys.


Are you looking for a compromise between Mummy and Rectangular sleeping bags?

This sleeping bag offers the best of both Mummy and rectangular sleeping bags. It provides both space for stretching out and warmth to chase the cold. 

It is also termed modified mummy or barrel shape. 

Double bags

Out hiking with a partner? Then you might both need double bags.

This is a special kind of bag made for two people, either a pair of campers or a couple. This sleeping bag is ideal for people who plan to sleep close together. 

Furthermore, an alternative to this kind of bag is using rectangular bags with a design that makes it possible to zip them together. For this to work in a rectangular bag, both bags have to be of the same model and brand. 

Also, this double bag combo could work if two people choose opposite hand zips, left hand, and right hand. 

Other Sleeping Bag Features

Sleeping bag shells: This is a durable material that helps repel water. Made from either polyester or nylon, the inside of these shells is soft and have a warm texture. 

Sleeping bag hood: This helps improve the fitting of the bag. It is an accessory commonly found on sleeping bags, and they often have low-temperature ratings.

Zipper features: A bag with more than one zipper is ideal for ventilation as it makes adjusting the bag easier. While zipper snag is a challenge, high-quality sleeping bags eliminate such problems by shielding the zipper with a guard. For couples, it is advisable to get the best zip-together sleeping for couples. 

Stash Pocket: Some sleeping bags feature a stash spot for your accessories like a wristwatch and lip balm. This stash spot is often zippered and helps keep your items secure while camping out.


Which Sleeping Bag Should I buy?

Ideally, you should get a bag with a 100, 00, or a lower temperature rating.

Why did I say so?

They often serve you best in all weather. For instance, when the temperature is warm, you could unzip the bag, and when it is cold, you could wear extra clothes. 

How Do You Know What Size Sleeping Bag to Get?

The correct length of your bag should correspond with your height. So, if you are 5ft tall, you might need a 5ft long sleeping bag. 

Should I Get A 30 Degree Sleeping Bag?

The warm or dry weather spurs you to camp, then a 30 degree down sleeping bag might be ideal for you. Also, if you love sleeping in hot places, then you would find a 30-degree bag perfect. 

Wrap Up

Getting a sleeping bag might sound easy until you go to the market to buy one. This article highlighted the best sleeping bags under 50 ideal for your camping and hiking needs.

Also, I provided some factors you need to consider when getting a sleeping bag and the accessories you might need.