If you are going camping or hiking, you will need a couple of things on your trip. These things are called essentials because they are responsible for your survival and safety during that period. One of those important things you’ll need is a sleeping bag for a comfortable night or day rest. 

The thing about a suitable sleeping bag you’ll agree on is that it gives you a similar feeling of comfort to your bed at home. However, the worst news is that it is quite the challenge packing or rolling the bag when not in use. Here, I’ll discuss how to roll a sleeping bag without hassle, so you don’t have to beat yourself up with the task on your next adventure. 

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Roll a Sleeping Bag

What Will You Need to Roll a Sleeping Bag? 

The sleeping bag is only one of many things you would need on the trip; other items needed are associated with the bag itself. These things or accessories are essential to help you conveniently roll the bag and find it easy to carry from one spot or location to another. Below are the following things you’ll have to get: 

  • A Stuff Sack or Straps 
  • Heavy anchors like rock, duct tape, stapler, etc. 

Once you have all of these things provided, I can assure you that you are one step ahead in learning how to wrap a sleeping bag. 

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What are the Steps Involved in Rolling a Sleeping Bag? 

Having a sleeping bag for your trip is excellent, but without taking the steps I am about to show you, it might not be easy getting it ready for your destination. While I discuss the necessary steps to take, there are also do’s and don’ts, so you don’t ruin your chances. 

Step 1: Find out Sleeping Bag Type

The first step to achieving a rolled up sleeping bag is discovering what type of bag it is. Not every sleeping bag is the same; some are designed to be rolled, and others not to be. For instance, if the bag comes with a stuff sack, you should keep it that way (i.e., stuffed) to prevent damaged insulation. 

On the other hand, a bag with straps is easy to roll with the right steps taken. These straps can either come separately or attached to the head. Moreover, there are better space-savers than many options available. 

Find out Sleeping Bag Type

Step 2: The Start 

If you are lucky enough to get a bag with straps, you should consider starting from here on your ordeal. First, ensure to lay the bag on a dry surface using a ground tarp of the tent floor. With this accessory, you would be able to lay off dirt and moisture from getting into the bag while getting it rolled. 

Step 3: Zipping the Bag 

The next step is having the bag zipped up with any large air pockets pushed out through the head section. If you have the bag unzipped, you may find it difficult to keep an evenly rolled bag with air filling up enough space for storage. Here, the deal ensures you get the air out and maintain a smooth, zipped bag.

Zipping the Bag

Step 4: Fold in Half

One of the best ways to get things done quickly and conveniently is folding in half. In the case of a large sleeping bag, you could apply the same trick. By folding the bag in half, you are saving space and get it set for proper storage; however, you need to make sure the edges are well-lined together. 

Step 5: Roll Upwards and Sit On the Bag 

With the sleeping bag folded in half, gently roll upwards until there is nothing left for you to roll anymore. Now, you shouldn’t stop at that because the chances are that it would return to its original position. What you have to do, however, is sit on the bag with your knees for a few seconds and use the strap to hold it together. 

By sitting on the bag, you make sure it doesn’t blow right back to where you started. Likewise, it is a means to get the air out of the bag. 

Roll Upwards and Sit On the Bag

Step 6: Keep Bag Stored 

Now that you know the best way to roll a sleeping bag, you should do a little bit more to protect the bag from getting destroyed. One incredible way is cleaning the sleeping bag and keeping it in a waterproof bag to protect it from cold temperatures or even moisture. It wouldn’t do you any good packing a wet sleeping bag for backpacking.


If you had answers to some of the questions about the best sleeping bags, you might be a little convinced of a camping or backpacking essentiality. I have put down a list of critical questions about sleeping bags and wrapping them; hopefully, you will find the answers more helpful than you think. 

Let’s find your answers: 

How to Tie a Sleeping Bag Roll? 

If you have a rolled up sleeping bag, and let’s say the strap already got damaged, do you think you still stand a chance to keep it together? Well, the answer is Yes. If you don’t have a strap, you could always improvise to tie the rolled sleeping bag. 

A long rope should do OK to tie the bag. 

How Roll Up a Pillow in a Sleeping Bag? 

Sleeping Bags are naturally designed with headrests so that you can stay comfortable when you need to rest. However, most people like to go for alternatives like using a pillow. In the process, rolling up a pillow in a sleeping bag becomes another task at hand. 

Nevertheless, all you need to do is roll up the pillow, making sure air is out of it as much as possible. Next, you strap the pillow with the rolled up bag and tie it together.


Sometimes, you need a little bit of help to do certain things before you can actually do them. As simple and easy as it is to wrap a sleeping bag, it doesn’t always come easy without anyone showing you the ropes. In this detailed article, I ensured anyone who comes across this learns how to roll a sleeping bag effortlessly.